Holy Trinity is one of the four Anglican churches in Aldershot.
We offer contemporary worship of the living Lord Jesus and have special groups for our younger members during the 11:15 service.
We boast of nothing other than Jesus Christ, the son of God and Him crucified for our sins.
We aim: to know God's love, to show God's love and to share God's love. We do this with each other and within the wider community.

Please note

that 'Contact', 'Woman's Hour' and 'Parish Nurse Drop In' will not take place during August 2016

Monthly Diary

Our diary of up and coming events



The Holy Trinity Report is available. Click here or on the image above to download.



Picnic Service in the Park on 4th September

Weather permitting, on the 4th September we will be holding the normal 11:15am service in Manor Park in the High Street, Aldershot.

Holiday At Home


Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters 2016

Daughters of the King

16th - 18th September, Weycroft Hall Axminster

Cost £80

Contact, further detail, any questions: Susan 01252 314418