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What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.

Alpha runs in churches, bars, coffee shops and homes all around the globe. Typically Alpha has around ten sessions and includes food, a short talk and a discussion at the end where you can share your thoughts. Alpha really is for anyone who's curious. The talks are designed to encourage debate and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, honest informal environment.

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for everyone; no question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish. We don't assume any background knowledge of or belief in Christianity and everyone is welcome.

When and where is it?

The next course has not yet been decided, but will be held on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening from 7:30pm - 9:30pm. It will be held where most convenient for those who wish to take the course. There is no charge for attending Alpha, although there is the opportunity to make a contribution to expenses. Obviously we hope that you will want to attend the whole course, but the course is voluntary, and you can drop out at any time if you wish.

The Alpha Supper: At the start of each course, the first session is a 'taster' introductory session, where there is an opportunity to ask questions and see if Alpha is for you. This is for anyone interested in the course. It runs according to the normal Alpha format of a two course meal, followed by an after-dinner speech which leads into a time for questions and discussion. Attending the meal does not commit you to taking the course, but we do ask that you book in for the supper.

If you think you might be interested, or know someone who would want to come along. For more details please contact John Kellagher on 01252 337841 or E-Mail: E-Mail: John@htca.org.uk

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