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What is a POD Group?


A POD group is a radically new type of church-based small group that is designed to help members put into practice what is studied and thus grow towards maturity in Christ.


As an acronym it stands for:


P = People of God meeting together

O = Outward looking, being equipped to take God's word into the world and learning to let the light of Christ shine from our lives

D = Discipleship and Development, following after Christ's example and growing in Christ likeness


It is generally recognised that small groups provide a different kind of learning for Christians from the larger gatherings of Sunday services. They are safe groups where there can be trust, intimacy, confidentiality and accountability. Also the style of learning from the Bible will be quite different as important truths are discovered through questions and discussion, led by a prayerful and prepared leader. Praying can be much more personal and involved, and there can be a deep sense of love and support. They can be places where folk can take first steps in the use of spiritual gifts. All these positives are sought to be retained in POD groups.


A key Bible passage behind PODs, Ephesians 4:12-13, '. . . prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature . . .'


PODs are radically different, why? Every eight weeks a POD will take what they have been studying and learning and turn it into an App. An App is applied discipleship and learning put into action!


Why does this make all the difference?


  1. It gets people reading God's word, always thinking how it can be worked out in practice rather than simply for information and knowledge.
  2. The group becomes a team; it plans, prays for and puts into practice together, thus developing a greater sense of unity;
  3. It will develop growth in character as in each App There will be some stepping out of comfort zones and into new areas. People will try things they would otherwise never have had the guts or imagination to do. The team will encourage them and motivate them. This develops maturity, experience and confidence;
  4. New gifts and talents will be discovered. Sometimes we only discover we are good at something or called to something by doing it. Thus the body of Christ is further equipped and empowered;
  5. Sometimes it seems that we only really get to 'know' God's word as powerful and true when we get out and put it into practice and find it true and that God is at work in that.


What people say about POD


"The perfect follow-up for Alpha."


"Being part of a Pod group has and is great fun. I have been challenged and moved out of my comfort zone on many of the 'Apps'. As a leader it's great to witness others growing in their journey with Him, and be able to encourage them."


"It's a proactive, refreshing approach to putting Bible study into action."


"By using our study of the Bible as a benchmark, it is clear over and over again that Jesus commissions us to put God's love into action. Being in a POD that incorporates a regular practical application provides us with an opportunity to do just that and 'walk the walk' as it were"


"It's a great way of avoiding becoming spiritual couch potatoes."


Want to join a POD?


PODs are available midweek in Aldershot and surrounding area, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and also daytime Monday to Friday.
If you are interested then please email Jonathan or call stating your day and time availability



01252 314418


Fellowship Groups


Growing in discipleship for all ages is valued at Holy Trinity. For those unable to attend a POD there are other small groups that meet in Aldershot in people's homes for fellowship, Bible study, prayer and social activity.


To find out more please email or call George Newton



01252 320618