About Us

Children And Youth

Whatever your age, between 1 and 18, there is a group for you at Holy Trinity Church Aldershot. Babies, toddlers, pre-teens and late teens all have something in common at Holy Trinity Church - they enjoy the space to meet together in a safe environment and have fun! Here at Holy Trinity we feel it is important to provide a venue, a team of qualified helpers, and activities, which will support and encourage individuals, community and church life.


Promoting both Christian and social values are primary aims in our current activities.
Young people don't grow up in isolation - they grow up in relationship with others and these relationships are extremely important. Young people face tremendous challenges in the world in which they live, in order for them to mature and develop, not simply survive, clear values are required for social interaction. It is these values, encapsulated in the life of Jesus, we hope to encourage at Holy Trinity.


For more information on youth groups, up and coming events and activites, please contact Alice alicestanfordhta@gmail.com.