Safe Guarding

Child Protection Policy 2013

Holy Trinity's Mission Statement

As a parish we are committed to follow and uphold the guidelines set out in the document 'The Care and Protection of Children' produced by the Diocese of Guildford 2008. Our aim is to ensure that we provide for our children and young people a safe place for their faith to grow.

Holy Trinity's Implementation Document

Role of the P.C.C.


01    To appoint a Child Protection Co-ordinator.

02    To agree a Policy Statement and review and up date it annually.

03    To ensure that the Policy Statement is displayed publicly.

04    To agree an Implementation Document and check it is adhered to at all times.

05    To be aware of the Church's duty to minister to all including those who might pose a risk to children.

06    To be aware that the supervision and pastoral care of known offenders is the prime responsibility of the Incumbent or, during a vacancy, someone designated by the P.C.C.


Role of the Child Protection Co-ordinator


01    To identify all children's and young people's activities and mixed-age activities.

02    To identify all leaders, helpers and adults in mixed-age activities who need to follow Child Protection procedures.

03    To be aware of other adults who have contact with children and may need to follow Child Protection procedures.

04    To implement appointment procedures for all new leaders and helpers.

05    To ensure all leaders and helpers are aware of their responsibilities.

06    To ensure all leaders and helpers are aware of appropriate training and courses.

07    To ensure PCC members are informed of their legal responsibilities and Diocesan policy.

08    To ensure Health & Safety regulations are met both on and off the premises.

09    To keep written records of any incidents and concerns.

10    To inform all outside groups using Church premises of the procedures they should follow as set out in the Diocesan document.


Appointment of Leaders and Helpers


01    This is the responsibility of the Incumbent and CP Co-ordinator.

02    All new appointments are to follow the selection and vetting procedures laid down by the Diocese.


Role of Leaders and Helpers


01    To keep abreast of policy, procedures and good practice.

02    To keep registers of attendance and registration forms updated.

03    To be aware of procedures for activities not specified in the registration form.

04    To be aware of common signs and symptoms of child abuse and the procedure for reporting concerns (see pp 38-39).


Policy on Drink, Drugs, Electronic Communication and the Internet


Leaders and helpers should

01    be aware of the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug use.

02    take appropriate action to protect the health and safety of the child concerned and other children in the group.

03    notify parents/guardians of any concern.

04    notify the CP Co-ordinator or Incumbent.

05    be aware of Internet safety for young people and follow good practice relating to electronic communication (see pp 62-65).




Page numbers refer to the document 'The Care and Protection of Children' prepared by the Diocese of Guildford 2008.

Reviewed by Child Protection Team and approved by the P.C.C. on Monday 16th January 2013.