Soul Sisters

What is Soul Sisters?


Soul Sisters is Holy Trinity�s ministry to women, which has a two-fold aim:

  1. To encourage and build up the women of the church in their Christian faith
  2. To provide opportunities for Christian women to invite non-Christian friends and family into a relaxed, friendly environment, where they can experience God�s love and be encouraged to find out more about Jesus.


What is Soul Sisters?


Soul Sisters is for all ladies; members of the church, friends and family, from the young (over 14 years of age) to the more mature.


What do you get up to?

We organise 4 or 5 events per year, e.g. a skittles night, coffee morning, fashion show, winter wonderland party, bazaar, meals, film nights. We also have an annual weekend away in Axminster, Devon, when we stay in a lovely old manor house. During the weekend we look at aspects of the Christian faith suitable for women, we enjoy time together, fun and relaxation all in an inspiring setting. In addition, every two months we have a ladies prayer breakfast, when we share a meal together in a relaxed atmosphere and then pray for each other.


Where and when does it happen?

Most of our events are held in Holy Trinity Church, in the Crossover Lounge or in the Galpin Hall next door, the events occur approximately every three months.


How can people get involved?

Generally people can just turn up to our events, but if we�re going to an outside venue, eg a skittles night at a pub, or if we�re providing refreshments and food, we will ask people to sign up and pay in advance. We try to keep the costs low so that no-one is excluded.


What support if any do you offer?

There are always people available to talk to, should anyone wish to share anything or to find out more about the Christian faith. Also members of the prayer ministry team are on hand to listen, chat and pray for people.


Contact details or 01252 314418 or 01252 332541