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We record all of our services and make them available for download so that everyone can keep up to date with our Word Series

All of our services are kept online for one month. After that they are available upon request from podcasts@htca.org.uk

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Bible quotations are taken from the New International Version except where marked.

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16 February 20

  9:30 Reading: Psalm 23, Matthew 6: v25-27 & v33-34
Preacher: Debs Wignall


11:15 Reading: Matthew 13:v1-9
Preacher: Jackie


09 February 20

  9:30 Reading: Psalms 119: v89-96, 105-106 2 Peter 1: v12-21
Preacher: Tayo


11:15 Reading: Psalm 23
Preacher: Debs Wignall


26 January 20

  9:30 Reading: Isaiah 9:v1-4 Matthew 4:v12-23
Preacher: jean


11:15 Reading: Psalms 19, 2 Tim 3:14-17
Preacher: Shola


12 January 20

  9:30 Reading: Isaiah 43:1-3
Preacher: George Newton


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